Meet The Slippys

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Becoming a Foster & Adoptive Family was not something we just chose to do. For our family it was more like a calling, similar to a missionary being called to serve in a specific country. For us, however, it was a call to serve the needs of children in our own community. We had a desire and passion to help children who needed a family – to provide them with a safe place to belong, a place to be understood, and offer them unconditional acceptance - a place to heal and grow. We don’t believe we were called because we were the “perfect” family or that we were fully equipped with everything needed to take on such a role. It was more about being willing; willing to open our home and our hearts, willing to be teachable, and also willing to be apart of a greater team of people who look out for the best interests of children. We were willing to be a piece of the puzzle - a child’s life!


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